Walking Forever

The Path of Conscious Living and Dying


A Course in Mystical Principles 4 with Thomas Hübl

Information for Our Affiliates

Thank you for your interest in providing promotional support for the upcoming online course, Walking Forever: The Path of Conscious Living and Dying, the fourth in Thomas Hübl’s Course in Mystical Principles series. This page provides information about our promotional plans, what we ask of you, and how we will reward you for your efforts.


Walking Forever: The Path of Conscious Living and Dying is a six-month online course that begins on June 3, 2017. Thomas will teach twelve live, 2-hour video sessions with Q&A, exploring questions that illuminate the path beyond our current understanding of life and death. He’ll lead a consideration of how we can live authentically, heal individual and collective traumas around aging and death, and co-create a culture suited for the unique challenges of our contemporary world. The course will also include mentoring groups and triads for all participants.

The most recent offering in this series was attended by more than 700 people from around the world and the entire series has been very well received.

Students who are new to the course (did not take Parts 1-3) must register by May 17. New students are welcome to join for Part 4. They will have the opportunity to take an accelerated mini-course before the course starts, which will review all of the key concepts and practices presented by Thomas in Parts 1-3. And they’ll have access to the full library of recordings and transcripts from Part 1-3, for their study and reference throughout the upcoming Part 4 course.


On April 1, 2017, Thomas will host a free introductory event: Walking Forever: The Path of Conscious Living and Dying (same title as the course), that will consist of a teaching that is intended to give prospective students a feel for Thomas as a teacher and a taste of what he will cover in the course. After Thomas’s teaching there will be a brief overview of the course.

We invite you to promote this free online event to your community. Everyone you refer who signs up will be tracked in our affiliate system so if they subsequently register for the course you will receive credit for each such registration.

We invite you to promote the free introductory event by email, website ads, Facebook, Twitter, etc., at least once between March 15 – March 31, 2017 when the introductory event will be held. You may promote more frequently if you wish, and after that date, you can still promote the recording of the 1-hour event. Course registration will be open until May 17 for new students. All of your promotions must use the special tracking link that we provide to you.


If you choose to participate in our formal “affiliate” program, we will pay you a commission for every registration that comes from your efforts. The course will be priced between $900 and $1,100, with some discounts available.


All of your promotions must include a unique tracking link that we provide to you. When someone in your community clicks on that link, they will be taken to the intro event registration page and our affiliate system will record that the click is attributed to your promotion. If that person subsequently registers for the course, our system will know and you will get credit for that registration.

IMPORTANT! You must use your tracking link in all your promotions for the course. If you don’t use it, or if you modify it, we will not be able to track the results of your efforts and so we will not be able to pay commissions.


This page contains several kinds of resources to help you promote the introductory seminar. You can use any or of all of them.

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