The Art of Transparent Communication

Awakening in the Relational Space

An Self-Paced Online Course with Thomas Hübl


Transparent Communication is not just about self-expression and ‘me.’ It’s actually about a higher awareness of the whole relational field and an opportunity, each day, to include each other in our communication. ~ Thomas Hübl


This course is now available via Thomas Hübl On Demand, the new platform for our self-paced online courses.

The Art of Transparent Communication is a set of practices and techniques developed over 15 years by Thomas Hübl and his students. By weaving together timeless mystical knowledge, the principles of psychology, and our own intuitive understanding we enhance our capacity for relating authentically and compassionately.

In this comprehensive online course, you will learn new competencies for improving your communication with colleagues, friends and loved ones. Taught in seven pre-recorded course sessions, each module builds upon the last through a review of fundamental concepts, the introduction of new perspectives and practices, plus homework exercises to help you apply the principles right away in daily life.