The Art of Transparent Communication

Awakening in the Relational Space

An Online Course with Thomas Hübl


Transparent Communication is not just about self-expression and ‘me.’ It’s actually about a higher awareness of the whole relational field and an opportunity, each day, to include each other in our communication. ~ Thomas Hübl


Transform Every Moment into an Opportunity for Awakening

What if, rather than reserving spiritual practice for some small part of the day, every interaction became an opportunity for growth and transformation?

Transparent Communication is the art of communication from the mystic’s perspective, a contemplative approach where we learn how to communicate with deep authenticity and broaden our ability to empathically attune to others.

This dramatically increases our skillfulness in relationship, and allows us to introduce more openness, clarity, and presence into everyday interactions – turning otherwise ordinary communication into an instance of spiritual practice.

The Art of Transparent Communication is a set of practices and techniques developed over 15 years by Thomas Hübl and his students. By weaving together timeless mystical knowledge, the principles of psychology, and our own intuitive understanding we enhance our capacity for relating authentically and compassionately.

“The deepest listening is presence, is consciousness itself. It is space, an open heart, compassion and a deep receiving of someone.”

– Thomas Hübl

Learn the Principles of Transparent Communication

In this comprehensive online course, you will learn new competencies for improving your communication with colleagues, friends and loved ones. Taught in seven pre-recorded course sessions, each module builds upon the last through a review of fundamental concepts, the introduction of new perspectives and practices, plus homework exercises to help you apply the principles right away in daily life.

Seven Teaching Sessions

In seven 90-minute sessions, Thomas presents the core principles of transparent communication and how to apply them in daily life.

Q&A Conversations

Recorded dialogues between Thomas and students explore the application of Transparent Communication within everyday situations and challenges.

Complete Transcripts

Detailed transcripts of all seven course sessions, including timestamps and an index of topics. Read online or download and print.

Practice Tips

A comprehensive study guide and four recorded teachings by senior assistant, Markus Hirzig, illuminate key practices.

Seven Guided Meditations

Guided meditations with Thomas deepen your embodiment of new skills and competencies.

German Translations

View and download German subtitled videos for all seven sessions, as well as the complete transcripts in German.

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Express Your Higher Purpose

Everyone communicates, but few understand how to truly open themselves to the relational field and bring higher levels of awareness into even the briefest interpersonal exchanges.

It’s so easy to postpone practice. To think, “I’ll practice later. I’ll have more time later. I’ll feel better later.” The contemplative arts teach us that there is no postponing of experience, there is only arriving in the present moment.

This is transformational. When we know that every moment counts, that our awakening literally happens now, we become constantly surrounded by opportunities for profound growth.

Thomas brings these enduring principles to the study and practice of communication, transforming small moments with others into expressions of higher purpose and opportunities for innovation.

In this course, renowned teacher Thomas Hübl will guide you to:

  • Transcend habits that hold you back
  • Tune into a deeper level of perceiving
  • Cultivate attunement and presence
  • Bring clarity to your relationships
  • Communicate from a deep and authentic sense of self
  • Bring a higher awareness into every interaction
  • Activate the potential for creativity and innovation
Thomas Profile Picture
Thomas Hübl is a modern mystic, a spiritual teacher whose work integrates the essence of the great traditions of wisdom with scientific knowledge and his own personal experience.

He offers a unique approach for living as a “mystic in the marketplace,” guiding people towards a deeper level of self-awareness and personal response-ability: from an ego-centered worldview to a life of authentic expression, service, and alignment.

His teaching combines transformational processes that address trauma and shadow issues, somatic awareness practices, advanced meditative practices, and a sophisticated analysis of cultural architecture.

Since 2004 Thomas has been active worldwide, leading workshops, multi-year training programs, online courses, and events such as the popular Celebrate Life Festival which brings together more than 1,500 people annually for a ten-day immersive event.

What Students Are Saying about the Course

“My husband of 30 years and I wanted to change our patterns of communication. We were inspired by Thomas’s clear approach to transparent communication as a spiritual practice to awaken every moment. Fit us like a glove.”

– Marsha

British Columbia, Canada

“Thomas’s clarity of explanation and down-to-earth presentation allowed me to understand the process of creative interaction as a learned competency.”


Massachusetts, USA

“I benefitted from Thomas’ deep understanding of life, his accuracy in expressing ideas, his inspiration when answering questions. The guided meditations in the course sessions were deeply inspiring. The homework he assigned led me to insights and revelations. I feel a lot of puzzle pieces that were missing before were added to my connection with Life.”



“I have been able to grow my emotional bandwidth and find new articulation of subtle experience (maybe more importantly, having more awareness of the subtle experience).”


Tennessee, USA

“The clarity and metaphorical expressions Thomas uses to explain deep mystical principles helped me to integrate the content more easily. I found the transmission during the classes very powerful. It helps me to attune more deeply to myself.”


Vancouver, Canada

Praise for Thomas Hübl’s Work

“Thomas Hubl delves deeply into both timeless wisdom and the specific needs of our time. I have found his work with collective healing to be tremendously innovative and eye-opening. It brought me to my own edges of openness and withdrawal. This type of engagement with what appears to be “other” is what we need, in my opinion, to learn what it truly means to take multiple perspectives and live in an open-hearted way.”

– Tami Simon

Founder and Publisher, Sounds True

“When Thomas Hübl teaches, a clean, fresh, lighted spacious clarity naturally opens up in and among people—shifting the energy of the room. His presence functions as a kind of permission, and the group field opens in a beautiful, unmistakable way. It activates intuition, shines Light into shadow, and reveals the insubstantial transparency of whatever seemed to be in the way. It also frees up a tremendous amount of joyful energy.”

– Terry Patten

Author, Integral Life Practice and founder, Bay Area Integral and Beyond Awakening Series

“Thomas Hübl is a spiritual teacher for our time, illumined and practical, rational and deeply profound. His teaching is clear like a mirror. He is at once sharp and cutting, yet gentle, receptive, and compassionate. You can’t help but expand in his presence.”

– Diane Musho Hamilton

Gifted Facilitator, Mediator, and Spiritual Teacher

“Thomas Hübl enables people to come into a deeper understanding of presence, compassion, transparency and authenticity. He shows us how to link our developing self awareness with our potential to be of service in society. In his online course he will guide people to explore deeply the essence of the great wisdom traditions, together with profound levels of self knowledge and personal responsibility.”

– Scilla Elworthy

Nobel Peace Prize nominee, Co-Founder, Rising Women, Rising World

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to have taken any previous courses or workshops with Thomas to benefit from this course?

A: There are no prerequisites for this course. If you’re curious about the work of Thomas Hübl, this course is a unique opportunity to study the fundamental principles underlying and enriching all his teachings. If you are already taking other courses with Thomas, this short course is an important complement to your study and will help you deepen your practice.

Q: Do I need any special hardware or software?

A: No, all you need is a relatively recent computer, a relatively recent browser, and a broadband internet connection.

Q: Can I download the recordings?

A: Yes. In addition to viewing/listening online, you can download all of the recordings and transcripts.

Q: How can I purchase the course if I don't have a credit card or PayPal account?

A: You can have a friend purchase a Gift Card on your behalf, and specify your email address as the recipient. We will email you a special coupon code which you can then use to register for the course with no payment. This is only available for the single payment option.

Q: What is the refund policy for the course?

Refund Policy: Upon purchasing this course, you are granted immediate access to non-tangible digital goods – The Art of Transparent Communication recordings and transcripts. Because it is not possible to “return” these materials, no refunds will be granted after the course has been purchased.

Q: How do I use a coupon to receive a discount for the course?

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