The MP Library is a rich library of study materials drawn from three years of Thomas Hübl’s teachings in the Course in Mystical Principles series, Parts 1, 2, and 3.

To prepare for your participation in the upcoming course, The Hidden Law: Aligning with Life’s Deepest Principles, please take time to study the material and get acquainted with both the content and the methods of exploration and spiritual practice that Thomas uses in his work.

There is quite a lot of material, so do not be concerned if it takes you some time to absorb it, and if you cannot review it all by May 12! Thomas returns to and builds upon a set of themes and practices that emerge and evolve organically. You’ll be interested to see how his teaching (and his studio setup) has become more and more refined over time!

Thomas asks that you keep in mind that this study of Mystical Principles is not just about absorbing “information,” but about being open and receptive to new levels of perception and understanding. A committed engagement to study and meditation will unfold an understanding of the materials at deeper and deeper levels over time.

Review Abridged MP3 Course

Presence & Light Meditations

In just about every course session Thomas leads a meditation as a way to integrate teachings. Two foundational meditations he led in the Mystical Principles series are the “Presence” and the “Light” meditations. We’ve combined the two into one audio file, as students told us this was a convenient way to engage these key practices.

↓Download Meditation in English