The Hidden Law Course


Learn to Be in Sync with the Natural Flow of Life

Do you remember the last time you were “in the flow,” and everything just seemed to click? At that moment you felt energized and focused, able to act with ease. Have you wondered how you could experience that flow more often?

Thomas Hübl says that being in the flow doesn’t only happen spontaneously, it is something we can learn to practice. He teaches that in those moments we are actually tapping into the “creative impulse of the universe.” We are in sync with the flow of life itself, the Hidden Law imprinted in our nervous system.

In his new six-month course, Thomas will teach principles and practices that help to sharpen our awareness of the Hidden Law and reveal where we are out of alignment. He will guide us to locate and dissolve the energetic blocks and karmic conditioning that obstruct our natural flow.

Thomas will also lead us to examine how our social, economic, and cultural systems are out of alignment with the Hidden Law, and how we can take responsibility for restoring balance to those systems, both as individuals and as a community.